Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Putting Home Maintenance Chores on Auto Pilot

Overlooking important home maintenance issues can be a common thing, especially with a hectic lifestyle. However, Handyman Service NYC brings to you an effective idea of putting the maintenance chores on auto pilot mode that precisely keeps a proper check over of all such maintenance issues for you.

Here’s listing some of the most practical ways of putting home maintenance chores on auto pilot. But before we do that here’s more on essential maintenance issues that need to put on auto pilot: 

Essential Home Maintenance Issues That Must Be Taken On Priority

Some repair and maintenance issues need urgent attention, these include: 
•  Serious plumbing distresses – Caulking tubs, Clogged Gutters, etc
• Appliance Check – electrical appliances need to be regularly inspected for repairs. Sometimes we leave things pending without realizing the harm they can cause. 
• Painting schedule – this is probably the most hectic of all the repair and maintenance tasks and can take days depending upon the area to be painted. 
• Installation tasks – you bought a new TV, or art piece and want it installed by a professional can sometimes keep pending because your availability at home is limited. 
• And so on…………..

Finally coming to the ways in which we can auto pilot maintenance tasks includes:

Preparing and Using a Home Maintenance Calendar

Parallel to your daily to-do list on your calendar, your common house maintenance concerns can be deliberately managed with a customized calendar. The only difference this calendar will have is that you will update it once in a month and probably a weekend will be perfect for such tasks. Handyman New York City suggests applications like Google calendar for home maintenance issues as it will provide you with an adjustable schedule covering and reminding about them in an accurate manner.

How to use Google Calendar?

As stated above, Google Calendar is one of the best tools for setting up reminders just about anything, and can be aptly used of home maintenance reminders as much efficiently.  

Access Google Calendar at this link – click here

On opening you’ll see three options appear, and all of them simple and yet very useful. These options include:

Organizing a schedule – Google Calendar gives you the option to also share the schedule with your family members, so you can also keep them updated for home maintenance task, in case you’re not home on a particular date.

Never miss a date – Google Calendar does not mandate every time you need a reminder it will only communicate through email, but you can have instant access to reminders on your cell phone with an SMS alert. 

Sync your schedule with all your devices – having the schedule and being able to share it on all the devices is a cool application. So if one day you forget your laptop at home, but carrying your phone or tab, your schedule will still travel with you.

Also, it’s very simple to create maintenance schedules on this Calendar – you can adjust dates as you want, share links, make updates about task completion and so on. 

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