Friday, June 13, 2014

Why NYC Residents Hire HAYS for Painting Jobs

Hiring a painter is not an easy task for families, some of them offer good prices, while others assure quality. What is actually important is that you hire a painter services where both of you can establish mutual understanding and painters can deliver the results you desire.

NYC residents can rely on the services of HAYS, a New York Based fully family owned handyman company that’s provides specialized painting services in throughout NYC. Apart from this hire us because:
Our Painters are Qualified, Skilled and Experienced
HAYS is a dependable name known for providing superlative painting services in NYC.
All sorts of painting projects are administered under professional management of licensed contractors.
Because the painting involves several complicating steps, we provide you clear estimates before the work begins.
At HAYS, professionals put forward their knowledge and experience so that you get the best service in a certified manner.      
We Value Your Time and Money, Both
Savings make professional consultancy a beneficiary option.
Opting HAYS painters NYC will ensure that you pay for only the work we deliver. We give you quotes upfront and guarantee no hidden charges.
HAYS has a smart and responsible approach towards all residential or commercial projects. We complete work within the set time span and let you enjoy our hassle free services.  
We’re Insured and Licensed
Deciding on a professional painting service means that you get effectiveness with cost and the project is secured with suitable liability. HAYS painting NYC is reliable, insured service provides and work with all accountable that are verified from insurance companies.
Affordable pricing is another crucial factor that justifies the selection of a professional paint job.
HAYS painters are hospitable at services and will provide with best possible references for a project. With professionals from HAYS you will be offered appropriate estimates and details about every task undertaken.  
Written Estimates and Transparent Contracts   
Hiring professional services means you will get regular updates on the work’s progress.
With HAYS, you can be open about the kind of work you desire and in the manner you want it done.  Our contract will state everything in details before we begin work. From the cost estimates, to delivery time, and also insurance and work guarantee. 

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