Thursday, April 10, 2014

How to Build Pre-School Play Area Indoors

Kids that are 3 to 6 years old need to have educational play area indoors, so that they are get mentally and physically prepared for school. For all preschool children, indoor play areas have huge importance, for this is where they learn basic motor and social skills, and get ready for those burdensome school years!  

When you have to build indoor play area for your children, follow the simple step-to-step process mentioned below:
Step 1: Choose an area that will be utilized for the development of fine motor skills, and equip it with proper indoor carpeting. Place table and chair sets in the middle and use comfy chairs, shelves and organizational bins to line the edges of the room.
Step 2: Fill shelves with books and bins with educational toys, blocks, art supplies and manipulative items. Select certain areas that will be used for specific purposes; one table can be used for reading and writing and another for art work.
Step 3: Make sure bins and shelves are organized in such a manner that kids can take out things and place them back in the right place.

Step 4: Keep another section of the available space for gross motor play. Don’t place breakable items such as wall-hangings in this area.
Step 5: In this area, low bins can be used to keep soft balls for kick and throw, and other types of toys as well.
Step 6: Give this area a livelier look by setting up pedal cars, climbing mats, gym pieces and large trucks. Don’t forget to leave enough space between every two pieces. 

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