Tuesday, February 27, 2018


A home was not built in a day and a house turns into home after fulfilling all the wishes from the bucket list of home projects.

You might have a folder saved in your mobile with all the pictures from Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram suggesting the modifications in house. Your dream to turn your house into home in NYC do not need a huge amount of investment, a little cash and a good handyman in NYC can go a long way in home improvements.

All these home improvement ideas cost $100 or less to complete but your home will look like one in million. So, get ready for small budgets, big impact changes, turning your dream into reality.

1)    New colors allow your home to breathe freshly

A fresh coat of paint can bring huge changes in your home. Painting the interior of the home cost little but results in positive topsy-turvy changes. A neutral shade in kitchen and a bold one in your living room can brighten up your home.

If you are planning to sale out your home, a little make-over will make your home ready to grab nearby appeal, thereby increasing the resale value of the home. Colors hold a pivotal position when it comes to selling a home.

A analysis done by Zillow found that homes painted in ‘greige’ color (grey + beige) are sold for $3,496 more than similar homes painted in a medium brown or with tan stucco.

Hire NYC Handyman services this weekend to dress up your home with a new stylish coat of paint in your budget.

2)    Make-over your hardware for a fresh look of home
The cabinets and doors of your home deserves a fresh look too and it’s a high time to replace the old-fashioned cabinet knobs to some stylish designs that will reflect your personality, thereby giving your home a modern look.

Just with your little efforts to change the bathroom drawer pulls, front door handle or cabinet knobs, it will pave way for fresh look of a home. According to you, replacing hardware may cost a lot to your pocket but fortunately it is an inexpensive home improvement that needs just an investment of few dollars.

If you are looking for bigger replacements like upgrading from deadbolts to some Smart Key system, you may take help of handyman in NYC.

3)    Upgrade the lighting fixtures to lighten your home
Basic old light fixtures are too old fashioned for your home and are needing to be upgraded especially if it can be done at reasonable price under your budget. It is a simple process of replacing them which can make a big difference. A low cost and modern style is a perfect combination you are looking for.

Freshen up your room by inviting new options for overhead and accent lighting, replacing your switch plates and outlet covers and swapping your lamp shades on floor or table lighting. Add dimmers to your wall and it can provide better lighting as per your mood, thereby saving lots of energy.

Cabinet lights under the cabinet in kitchen can be replaced with LED which is an inexpensive way to fully illuminate your counter space, making cooking day or night much comfortable.
Hiring services of handyman in NY can make the process more easy and comfortable.

4)    Transforming bathroom of your home is as important as modifying exterior of home
Give your bathroom few hours and you will witness improvements that will make you proud of yourself. A lot of quick additions in a standard bathroom will be entirely beneficial. A change in color of paint, adding extra shelves and piece of art will modify your bathroom in a positive manner.

Moreover if you paint your bathroom with light shades of powder blue and periwinkle color, you will hold a chance to add $5440 in your home value. So, a pinch of investment and huge profit is a deal not to be missed.

If you are being lazy to fix up the toilet leaks or thinking that fixing it will cost you a lot, there is good news that you can install a whole new toilet kit to fix this problem for about $25.

Your time and money is most precious commodity and to save the both, you can trust HAYS NYC to fix little things in the house or apartment. HAYS NYC deals in fixing little things like electric sockets of your bedroom to large projects like renovation of your kitchen. So, if you are looking for handyman in NYC, you can trust on HAYS NYC as they have experience in providing 24*7 quality handyman services in NYC.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

3 Ways to Get the Best Bathroom Lighting

The most ignored part of our homes for design and lighting is the bathroom. We spend lavishly on kitchen designs, flooring, living room and bedroom but when it comes to bathroom, we even don’t bother to put up enough lightning there.

The following blog is about the lighting needs of a bathroom that can make it alive and refreshing.

For a relaxing shower, your bathroom must have ample light near the mirror, good overhead lighting and some accent lighting as well.

Lighten Up the Vanity Area

It’s very important to have a separate light for this area even if there is an overhead light here. Since all the things that demand a little closer attention such as shaving and makeup need a good amount of light, therefore don’t be careless to put up good lightening at this portion.

Either you can use the light fixtures near the mirror as the only light source or use a secondary source for grooming. But the important part is you need to put up bright lights in the right position for proper grooming. 

Overhead Lighting Can Add Glamour

If the overhead lighting is being used as an all purpose light from grooming to setting mood for the shower to the main lightening source of your bathroom area then it has to be bright and big which can be dimmed if required.

You can use the bulb as an overhead light that's warm and can be used from low to high wattage to make it possible to do all things for you. You can check the lighting stores both online or at home for chandeliers that can brighten up the bathroom and serve all other purposes as well.

Lighting at Bath Area Can Set Your Mood

After a long day at work a few minutes of soaking in the bath tub with a soft dim light can be rejuvenating.  A bright lighting at bath area can even set the mood for the day ahead. Recessed lights are a good choice as they can keep the ambiance despite the mist and steam from the water. If you don’t want to put on recessed lights then you can even add a lighting bar which comes in a protective casing and has been rated for wet or damp locations.

Safety Tip! It’s advisable to take help of an electrician for installing new electrical fixtures to avoid any harm from the wiring or electrical fixtures. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Are you ready to refurbish your bathroom? But, releasing $20,000 on a deluxe spa is far away from what you can afford to spend. Isn’t it? Don’t worry! You need not to spend mega-bucks to transform your bathroom into a calming, cool space. Plenty of ways are there to renovate a space on a budget.

Whether you’ve a small bathroom or a giant spa center, a boresome interior will neither refresh you nor will appeal your customers. Bathroom with a design that addresses all your needs - physical and spiritual is said to be effective. 

We all have an idea of what our ideal bathroom would look like, but before you start on any bathroom remodel, it’s good to keep a few things in mind.

Here are a few interesting bathroom tips and ideas that’ll help you give a new look to your bathroom, and that too under budget. Have a look:

1. Floor tiles - People often look for bathroom tiles that are easy to maintain. As such, Porcelain or glazed tiles would probably suit your taste. Also, you need to lay tiles that offer less ability to slip with wet feet. For this, look for tiles with textured surfaces that contain sand.

2. Improve your bathroom’s lighting – A place with bright and beautiful light fixtures gives it an indistinct look. Create and install a better lighting plan for your bath. Add recessed lights, vanity lights and the ability to turn off certain lights or to dim them to create a soothing atmosphere. You may also use ceiling-mounted fixtures or add style and mood with pendant lights for a modish look. 

3. Make your toilet and shower more water-efficient – In addition to remodel your bathroom, you should opt for things that saves you resources, both natural and artificial.  To remodel your bathroom, you can install new fixtures like low-flow toilets and shower heads. This not only will give your bathroom a great look, but can also go a long way towards conserving water.

4. Use paint instead of wallpaper – Installing wallpapers instead of paint isn’t a great idea as the humidity of the bathroom can be tough on wallpaper, which can cause it to peel and bubble. It is better to go for a durable paint of your choice. 

5. Redo, Don’t Buy New - Do not replace your old tub or shower as it is going to cost you a pretty penny. Rather, if you’d get them professionally relined, it’d cost you cheaper. On the other hand, refinishing sink and shower fixtures is more expensive. 

6. Freshen Caulk and Grout - Last but not the least! A grimy grout and calk in the bathroom looks ugly. Instead of getting them completely new, simply clean the grout and add straight, clean lines of caulk around the tub and sink. This can bring a great difference in your bathroom! Both the grout and caulk are low-cost, so this is an inexpensive way to freshen up your bathroom.

Bonus Tip:

Hang a stylish mirror - To add up a bit more glare to your bathroom, add a beautifully framed mirror over a sink, it’ll appear more attractive than many surfaces covered with mirror. Enhance its look with a wall-mounted adjustable makeup mirror with pleasant bright lighting.

Monday, May 18, 2015

3 Home Improvement Apps to Help Your Inner Handyman

Check out these apps and let your inner handyman come out to deal with the day-today maintenance of your sweet home.The ‘app world’ is not limited to gaming or personalization, but it has a lot more than that. For instance, keeping the maintenance of your home is an essential part and the app world understands this need very well.
SO, have a look at these helpful mobile apps in your tool-belt and you’ll be able to tackle any project without having to hire a contractor. 

1. Colorsnap

If you want to get your house painted, but are confused about the color mix, Colorsnap is for you. The free Colorsnap app, both for i OS, and Android can help by analyzing the perfect color for your house, and converting it into a matching, custom hue mix code for the company's paint brand. Just install the app, take a picture of the color you like, select the shade of your choice and the app will give you the best result.

2. The Handyman Calculator
This android app consists of calculator that can assist you with the more complex mathematical calculations. With this app, you can figure out the square footage, stud spacing, unit conversion, asphalt volume, paint, and linoleum coverage. The Handyman calculator takes care of all of the heavy mental lifting. Just provide the correct measurements. 

3. House Maintenance Schedule 
Every house requires regular maintenance and upkeep. The House Maintenance Schedule app helps you to keep on top of the countless little duties that keep minor problems to turn into major, expensive issues. It is a paid android calendar app. It helps you to set the reminder of upcoming maintenance projects like inspecting fire extinguishers, changing HVAC filters, flushing the water heater, and cleaning downspouts.

So, make use of the technology and keep your house well maintained!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Choosing best home exterior color with Handyman Service in NYC

Choosing the right kind of exterior paint for your home goes a long way in determining its final look. Moreover a well-chosen exterior paint for your home helps protect the walls from long term damage by the elements. Be it rain, harsh sun or winds; exterior paint plays a pivotal role in extending the longevity of your house walls. The exterior colors should always be chosen depending on the surroundings of your house and various additions that you have done in and around the house.    

So how does one choose the right color palette for their home and add to the style and blend completely with the neighborhood? Here are a few tips to achieve this if you live in NYC or surrounding areas.

1) Notice the surroundings: 
The first thing to do is to carefully observe the surroundings of your house like the pathway, driveway, roof color or the tiles. This will give you a good idea to choose the basic color palette which is the hardest thing to do. For example, the basic color – blue, yellow or brown among many other colors to choose from with help from a good painting service in nyc

2) Architecture:
The architectural style of your house will help you in determining the exterior paint schema. For example residential painters in NYC can help you in guiding to choose the right color. 

3) Visual effect:
The surroundings like road, trees or other houses should be considered in choosing the color of paint. Painting in nyc should be done strictly keeping in mind the varied surroundings of the place. Choose the wrong color and you’ll not get the desired result at all. 

4) Mix and match: 
Other paint colors used in the railings, doors, shutters etc. should also be kept in mind so that one can mix and match the exterior paint color. A good Handyman Service in NYC helps you through this confusing process and suggests the best suited paint color considering all factors. 

5) Paint testing:
The color on the paint palette suggestions can vary from the real color of paint. So make it a point to do a test patch in consultation with good Handyman in NYC area to achieve the desired look for your home. Buy a small amount of the final paint you choose and then test it on the exterior wall of your home. Once you are satisfied, you can go ahead with the task of painting. 

The exterior of you house is the first thing that one notices and you should make it a point to drape it in the best color paint possible. What might work for someone else’s home in New York may not work for your walls. So make it doubly sure to do all the research and consult a painting service that will help you in getting the best look on your house walls without overdoing your budget.