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How to Find Trusted Handyman in Manhattan for Plumbing Services?

Most households have one solution to such problems- get the nearest plumber, regardless of their credentials. The plan is to get the issue done and over with as soon as possible. What most people do not understand is the mere fact that it is adding on to the problems for months or sometimes, days to come. A skilled handyman in NYC is what you need for such significant tasks. The question remains- how? Let’s find out.

Why is it important to hire trusted professionals?

The idea should be to not blindly rely on the “experts”. Plumbing problems regardless of their scale and severity should be only given for experts to handle. Mere plumbing problems could escalate to major structural problems and massive expenses.

  • Skilled professionals provide faster response time. Site visits are quicker and therefore, the problem is dealt with within no time.
  • They have a great understanding of area-specific needs. They are familiar with hardware stores near you and common plumbing issues in the area. This gives them leverage over other so-called experts.
  • The best part about hiring a trusted handyman in Manhattan is that their services do not end with the project. Apart from regular repair work, they give valuable advice on preventive measures to keep related problems at bay.

Take a look at some of the tips to hire the best handyman services for all your plumbing-related hassles.

How to find the best plumbing services near you?

  1. Set your Requirements

Before you finalize the expert, it would be best to make sure that they are experienced. We would recommend you to give it a thought if the problem does not limit to blockages, leakages, and installations. Experienced plumbers may install a fixture correctly but may not know a thing or two about boiler and gas line jobs. Get the most accredited and experienced professional since plumbing experts are not legally bound to formally qualify to handle every task. Uncertified plumbers can put your household at risk by using faulty fixtures and techniques for your project.

  • Trust the References

The best testimonial would still be a word-of-mouth reference. Ask your family, colleagues, and neighbors for references as they will advise you only the best in your area. These references cover reliability and professional ethics.

  1. Ask your neighbors if you have recently moved to a new area, your colleagues or family may not know the best handyman in Manhattan.
    1. Consult your family members and friends for reliable plumbing services in your area.
    1. Another great source would be the popular local hardware stores who would recommend only specialists according to the issue.
    1. Don’t underestimate the power of social media. Post your queries on local groups and pages to get authentic feedback.
  • Prioritize health and safety

These challenging times call for awareness and being careful who you let in your home. Hire plumbers who practice and follow all the precautionary measures and safety protocols to ensure overall protection.

  1. Make sure they carry disinfectants.
    1. Ensure they have passed temperature screening.
    1. Wears proper PPE kit while working this includes latex gloves, facemasks, and overshoes, etc.
    1. Properly sanitizes the surfaces, equipment, fixtures, and other tools s/he touches in your home.
    1. Maintains a safe distance from all family members while working.
  • Online Research

A great way to get the best plumbing services would be to google “best handyman in NYC near me” or “best plumber near me” and shortlist from the list of companies you see. Next, visit their websites, reviews, projects, and online presence. Assess their services based on your requirements and ask for quotes. This would also save you a lot of time. Also, if you do your research right, you may get your hands on the best handyman services in your area.

  • Beware of Positivity

Good reviews are great but great reviews could be fake. Don’t fall for the too-good-to-be-true claims as they could be just marketing gimmicks. Meaningless descriptions and biased statements are signs of poor promotion and therefore far from authenticity and good services. Instead.

  • Watch out for success stories, projects, and testimonials that sound and look balanced. Based on this, ask the company to give EXACT information.
  • Check their social media handles, a company that is open about their services, employees, and engage with an audience is true to their services and anything but fake. Take a look at their blogs, valuable tips are given by experts to help and support and not to solely promote the company’s existence.
  • The best way to cross-check the testimonials and reviews would be to check the rating sites and directories.

It is not easy to pick a company over others, some could have the same number of positive reviews, others may be the best Handyman in Manhattan, few would be providing excellent handyman services. It would be best to take the help of the above-mentioned tips to get the best plumbing services in your area.

Monday, October 18, 2021

Spring Home Maintenance: Take one step towards better health!

Spring is not just the most beautiful season of the year. It is the right time to look forward to a better health and hygiene. And there could be nothing better than giving your home and your loved ones a pleasant surprise of spring cleaning. Unfortunately, for some of the householders this can turn into a daunting task, when things are not done in appropriate manner. No need to be intimidated. 

Spring Home Maintenance - Take one step towards better health

Read on some useful spring cleaning tips here to proceed:

Check For The Cleaning Supplies:

Before you start with the process of cleaning your house, make sure you have the right supplies. It is advisable to make a list of the chemicals, detergent, oven cleaning spray, furniture polish, mould remover products, and other accessories like gloves, microfiber cloths, etc.  You might a number of things like mops, buckets, dustpan, a cobweb remover, a broom, step ladder, and so on. So make sure you have them before hand.

Start With Your Bathroom:

Start with an area which is not only difficult to do, but also needs cleaning greatly. For this, you will need some strong cleaners; a CLR (Calcium, and limescle Remover) would work ideally for the glass and shower tile. Just wipe off your bathroom cupboards, emptying them before. Put those unwanted and empty products to the trash box and with help of a disinfectant, clean the space inside and outside. Last, you can wipe down the walls.

Kitchen Cleaning Is A Must:

From your appliances to the cabinetries in your kitchen, everything needs to be cleaned very nicely.  First sort out things, including eatables, drinks, etc. Discard the out of date products and then start cleaning the appliances. Once you are done with them, start cleaning the kitchen cupboards from inside and outside. Check for the top of the kitchen cupboards, you can opt for grease cleaning, if needed. Similarly, the splash back needs a degreaser to sparkle like new. Also, don’t forget to clean the light fitting in the kitchen.

Bedroom And Living Room Cleaning:

Bedrooms are often ignored, but you don’t need to repeat the same mistake. Start cleaning under the bed, removing bed sheets, pillow covers, and other stuff. Vacuum the entire room and then clean the inside of wardrobes and drawers. Also wipe off the skirting boards and walls.

Similarly, for the living spaces, dust the picture frames, remove the cobwebs, vacuum the entire space and also throw out those unwanted materials.

So, for now have fun with your spring cleaning!

How To Repair A Broken Storm Door Closer

Security and Storm are the two words that need attention. But, when they are used together, it’s all about special attention. To protect your home from storms, these days people are picking up storm security doors. They are the best when it comes to securing and protecting your home from storm.

How To Repair A Broken Storm Door Closer

Make sure that the doors are in good repair as front and back doors are the one, that fight against heavy winds. The excessive opening of the door leads to the breaking of the storm door closer.

Some other reasons for a broken storm door closer  are as follows;

  • Rusting on internal springs
  • Unadjustment of springs that stops the door closer from closing properly
  • Improperly installed bolt that makes the door, unable to close
  • Uncleaned tracks with debris makes the door closure harder to open and shut the door
  • Lack of providing the lubricant timely to the door closer

To maintain the broken storm door, it’s best if you go for “do-it-yourself” process. Take out a day when you are free, collect some tools and materials to make your storm door back to work!

All you need is to follow the simple steps which are further subdivided;


  • While starting the work, make sure you lock the storm door
  • Remove the broken bracket of closer and mounting screw
  • Remove the pin from the bracket by releasing the piston arm
  • Throw off the old bracket


  • Replace the jamb door with a new storm door
  • Mark with places with a marker where you want the holes to be drilled
  • While lining up the plates, make sure that steel plate should be parallel to the door frame edges
  • With the help of wood putty, fill in the damaged holes, woods, crevices or cracks and then, install the steel plate
  • Once the area is repaired, paint it


  • After drying the paint, place the steel plate with the help of screws
  • Then, attach the storm door closer to the door with screw number 10
  • Closer bracket should be united with the storm door with the aim of enough space available to work properly.


  • With the help of the piston pin, connect the new bracket and piston arm
  • After connecting everything, take a test of the door to get assure about the opening and the closing

Thus, above given steps were the perfect “DIY” to get rid of broken storm door closer and repair it faster.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

How To Spray Paint You Interior Walls Like A Pro?

 When it is about painting, the thought makes you excited, isn’t it? Everyone loves those newly painted walls, doors, etc. in their home. But is that so simple to get the painting job done right? Certainly, not! And if you are not a pro, few mistakes can turn your excitement into a shock. 

To prevent this, you must look for the best options to paint your stuff.

How To Spray Paint You Interior Walls Like A Pro?

Sprayers- these are highly popular nowadays. Being a very efficient tool for painters, they can help you skip the hassle of brush and trays, and also cut down on the amount of time you need to put into a project. But just like any other device, these require some knowledge and practice for efficient results.

Before you start with the job, it is essential to know how to use a paint spray gun correctly, what kind of surface you are painting, and the type of paint you choose. While it will be hard to cover all the surfaces in one post, here is how to work on your interior walls. Follow the below stated steps for amazing paint work.

Step1: Prep:

So, before you begin, ensure that you have all of the supplies, required to spray paint your interior wall. It is advised to choose an airless spray gun. You can either buy it or rent it from your local hardware store. In addition, you need spray paint, newspapers or trap, wash cloth, painters tape, sugar soap and water.

Step2: Clean up:

  • Next, you need to clear out all the furniture and appliances from the room. If not all, make sure you create enough room to work freely. For those immovable stuffs, you can use tarp or newspapers to cover them in order to avoid getting any paint on it.
  • Besides, the items in your room, you need to look for imperfections in the walls, if any. The reason being, it will affect the quality of the paint job. Fixing these first is a necessary action.
  • The clean up step includes washing the walls down. You can do this using the washcloth and sugar soap water solution. This is simply done to get all the dirt and dust off the wall.

Step3: Spray:

Once you are done with the cleanup process, it is time to head off with spray work. But before this, if there are other walls or some specific parts on the wall, which are not to be painted, make sure you cover then nicely. You can take help of painters tape and tarp/newspapers. Also, do check for dry walls. If these are wet, you need to wait till they get dry completely.

  • As spray paint spreads over large surfaces, be careful while painting. Wear your protective clothes and cover your hair, arms, etc.
  • Straining the paint into the spray gun, check for the consistency. If needed, you can dilute the paint a bit to sprays with ease.
  • Remember, the spray gun should be held around 12 inches from the wall surface, perpendicular to the wall. Begin from one top corner, making short and steady strokes all over the wall.
  • Here, you need to overlap each stroke by a third for even appearance.
  • Several light coats can be added later for better finish

The best thing about sprayers is that, while they add convenience to your work, it gives tidier and cleaner aesthetics to all kinds of surfaces, no matter it is small or large. Go and paint your dream wall today!

You can always get better assistance and advice from a professional painter. It will help to improve the quality of your project giving you with satisfactory results.

Painting Guide: Different Types of Paint And Where You Can Use Them

 When you are thinking of painting, there are a million decisions to be made. There are numerous types of paint that are used for different surfaces. Choosing the paint that is right for you is crucial as the paint is much more than a decoration. It provides your surfaces with a layer of protection and using the wrong kind of paint can actually ruin the material as well. When you paint your house, it is suggested to choose the type and color of paint that highlights the perfections of the house while hiding any damages. A good paintwork does not accentuate the things that you don’t want to show. Painters in NYC can be consulted, in this case.

Before you agonize over the color you want, you should ideally spend some type of deciding the type of paint that is the best for your requirements. You need to decide if you should opt for paint color in semi-gloss, eggshell, flat, or other finishes. Since there are so many choices available, it is not exactly going to be easy. But once you do make an informed decision and choose the finish that is right for your surface, you will be able to relax for years.

Without further ado, let us look at the different types of paint surfaces and see where you can use them.

What are the Different Types of Paint?

There are majorly two kinds of paint, water-based and oil-based. Most of the wall paint sold nowadays is water-based. This is because it is very easy to use. It does not need a pretreatment. Water-based paints have no mold and can easily be cleaned with water. Check the kind of paint your surfaces had before. If your surfaces previously had an oil-based paint, you need to be careful before switching to water-based as it may not stick that well. You can wash the surface and roughen it with an object like sandpaper to make the paint stick. This will make your surfaces dull, dry, and clean and prevent the new coat from peeling off. If you prefer an oil-based product but you want to opt for a water-based one, consider waterborne enamel. This paint behaves and looks oil-based and has very good leveling qualities that give a smooth finish. Oil-based paints are versatile and can be used on all surfaces. They give a very rich finish and are highly durable. However, they can’t exactly be washed with water and might be a bit difficult to clean.

painting service NYC

Different Kinds of Paint Finishes that You Need to be Aware of

Your paint finish and sheen options share common characters. With newer paints hitting the market, there is an increased durability with each paint. This means that you can mix and match different kinds of paint while keeping its value intact. By using different types of paint on different surfaces around the home, you can create a real texture and impact within a scheme. For example, you can paint a stripe with gloss paint on a matte wall in similar colors to create a textured and striking textured look.

You can also try an accent wall with a glossy sheen and keep the rest of the room matte. The paint you select depends on the atmosphere you want to set. For instance, a matte sheen gives a serene and calm feeling due to its texture. Gloss however adds excitement and energy. Every kind of paint finish adds something to your surfaces. Darker and richer colors naturally have a higher sheen because of their increased colorant. It is common practice to go for a lower sheen while painting a dark color. You can use satin and eggshell in places that are smaller and get less natural light such as the powder room. It will end up reflecting the light to bring out the color. Eggshell is scuff resistant and is great for hiding imperfections.

Matte Paint

Matte paint is known for its density. It gives the least reflective sheen available. It has a very velvety texture. Matte paint is preferred by designers to hide imperfections in the ceilings and walls of the house. Since it is basically non-reflecting, it offers a very deep color. It is considered typically to be a standard sheen for ceilings. However, due to its non-reflective look, it can be hard to clean sometimes.

Satin Paint

Satin paint is known to be slightly glossier than eggshell. It offers some degree of reflectivity. As compared to other types, it offers more durability. Due to this characteristic, it is used in demanding environments where you need easy cleanups like bathrooms and kitchens without a very glossy look.

Gloss Paint

This popular type of paint works well with bathrooms, accent walls, window trims, doors, and kitchens. Gloss is the most reflective paint available and offers great sheen. It is very durable and can be cleaned regularly without any wear and tear. Traditionally gloss paint was used on doors, moldings, and baseboards. Although it makes a statement, gloss paint can also end up highlighting your surfaces’ imperfections.

Flat Paint

Flat paint gives a very luxurious and sophisticated and luxurious finish. It is great for interior walls that aren’t touched frequently and ceilings. Flat paint is a good choice for surfaces that have noticeable imperfections as it creates a low-reflecting surface. Although it doesn’t give a very dynamic look, flat paint is very affordable but it is prone to damage. It is commonly used in a room that doesn’t get a lot of use such as closets and storerooms.

Eggshell Paint

Eggshell paint is known for its low luster. It is a low-key version of an actual eggshell and works very well with decorative finishes. It is much easier to clean than a flat finish. Eggshell paint is durable and versatile. It doesn’t get washed away even when you wash your walls. Because of its tough nature, it is commonly used in open spaces to protect their look from wearing off by natural factors such as the sun and rain.

Semi-Gloss Paint

Semi-gloss paint is used to add a little shine to the room. A durable paint, it holds up to vigorous scrubbing. Hence it is considered a good choice for wet rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. However, you need to keep in mind that semi-gloss paint can highlight the imperfections on your walls. Semi-gloss paint works well on trim, baseboards, and doors. It dries up to give an extremely hard finish. This allows semi-gloss paint to be amazing for woodwork that might get beaten up.


Before starting, it is a good idea to get as many samples of the different kinds of paint as you can. You should examine how easily they spread an area and how you can clean them once they are dry. When you browse through photos and read the information in this guide, you will get an idea about how different paint finishes look. You can shortlist a few and see how they look on your surfaces to select the one that works well for you. To make an informed decision, use the information spelled out in this guide and try these paints yourself.

If you have a requirement of best painter in NYC  you can contact Hays NYC.

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5 Amazing DIY Projects Ideas to Plan in 2021 for Home Improvements

 2021 seems to be the year to adapt to the new normal— staying safe and staying home. Regardless of the reason behind taking over home improvement projects, it is only going to benefit your home and your productivity levels. While major renovation projects can be taken care of by the best handyman in Manhattan, there are many other DIY home improvement projects that you and your family members can easily complete. With the pandemic down upon us, it would be best to stay home and keep yourself busy with some amazing project ideas which would keep the stress away and a beautiful ambiance around. 

So whether you are upgrading your home office or install some light fixtures in your home; home renovation, big or small, is going to be fun this year as we bring to you some of the best 

Although the list is endless, we have listed only the five best home improvement ideas to give your house the ultimate transformation this year. Take a look!

handyman in manhattan
  1. Safety first

Home improvement projects are mostly limited to upgrading kitchen and bathrooms, these projects no matter how rewarding, require the assistance of a handyman in NYC or else, could result in faulty structures and fixtures. Fortunately, serious home improvement projects can be carried out by you as well. In this case, installing home security is a great way to add safety features to your home. This DIY project should be a top priority to keep your home safe. A quality security camera system installed would give you peace of mind and keep you at ease 24/7. 

  1. Statement Walls 

The more you spend time indoors, the more you realize there is so much work to do in your home. Sometimes, no matter how much you work on the décor and aesthetics, it still looks bland. The problem is not with your taste, it could possibly be the plain walls bringing a dull appearance to the home décor. So before you think of flipping the entire house, take a good look at the walls and give them a brand new look! It could be a splendid wallpaper or a bold shade of paint. The rich color on your wall is just the spectacular statement you need in your house. From pop neons to rich ruby shades and earthy tones— don’t shy away from adding the glam quotient to your walls. 

  1. Home Office

Your home is no longer your personal space, the new normal has your home turned into a work area as well—and it is going to stay for a while. So, while you work so much on your home, invest some time and energy to accentuate the ambiance of your office for better productivity and concentration. 

Although it is a refreshing change to work from home, you must give your home office a fortifying transformation for a dedicated home office space. There should be ample natural light for you to feel fresh and calm while you work and there should be a “zoom corner” to have dedicated space for video conferencing with aesthetically pleasing backgrounds and accessible electric fittings for seamless operations. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to turn your basement or storage room into an office, it should, in the end, be a positive change. 

  1. Outdoor space

Whether you wish to beautify your home for yourself or plan to increase its resale value, updating your home’s exterior is an excellent way to get things started. A beautiful house is incomplete without a splendid outdoor space. Great outdoor space in your apartment or a beautiful porch and patio is a fantastic way to accentuate the appeal of your home. You could start by your upgrading the old furniture or landscaping your garden. Either way, outdoor projects are always fun.

  1. Upgrade Light Fixtures 

Instead of spending your fall and winters taking care of home renovations, focus on working on your home improvement projects now to keep your home functional and beautiful for the rest of the year.  Make bold statements by installing a lavish chandelier in the living room or upgrading the light fixtures in your kitchen. Go a step ahead by installing motion detector lighting in the hallway, it is worth the investment. 

To conclude, the above DIY projects would do wonders for your home and help you stay productive throughout the year. Staying home can be challenging for some but these DIY projects would keep you and your family members amused and occupied throughout this year. It still would be best to consult a handyman in NYC before making some big decisions. 

Easy DIY Projects to Help You Keep Busy During Lockdown

It is safe to accept that the lockdown is here to stay for a while, why not make the most of it? Instead of panicking, keep yourself busy and occupied with something worthwhile. Well, we have something “constructive” for you that would help you manage your time well during the lockdown. 2021 seems to be a perfect time and opportunity to begin planning for renovating and revamping your home.

So, reserve the complicated chores for the best handyman in NYC as we have some easy DIY projects to help you have a productive lockdown. Take a look.


This one’s a fun DIY project as your entire family will happily join to carry out this project. If you have been delaying a decorating or painting job, then this is the time to get them done. Another great benefit of redecorating is that the entire job would take lesser time to complete. Also, the entire family would get involved in the decision and activity.

If you have been browsing the internet and saving some décor ideas for your home or some rooms then this is the perfect time to get on with it. Have you always been dreaming of adding the essence of biophilic designs in your home? Take the risk and try the theme for your home. It would be best to consult a handyman in NYC before taking any major steps, in case, there are any structural changes involved. Listen to the advice and ideas from your family members before moving ahead with the plan. 


Amplify the aesthetics of your home office

The new normal for all of us would be to stay safe and stay home. This means you will be working from home for quite some time now. This calls for a home office renovation. You must make sure that your office gets augmented according to your health requirements, safety, and most importantly, comfort. 

Design and decorate your office so that it receives ample natural light to create a healthy aura and a productive space. Installing task lighting can particularly help you if you work till late in the night. In case you need to revamp your current office space, try using a spare/storeroom to bring a change to office space. 

Loft Insulation

Insulating a loft acts as a barrier within your roof space. Your home can be turned into an energy-efficient one through loft insulation. This would result in reduced heat loss and consequently reduced bills. This can be done by yourself by either laying the material between the rafters or joists but you can always consult a handyman in Manhattan for quality work. Either way, you will get a cooler home this summer and a warmer one in winter. An added bonus would undoubtedly be an increase in the resale of your house.

Laminate Flooring 

The more you and your family stay indoors, the more the chances of high wear and tear on the floorboards. Laminating them would offer protection, and it is a lot easier to keep laminated floors clean. However, you would require special equipment to laminate the flooring. Make sure to do good research before finalizing the design as it helps accentuate the décor and space of your home. 

Revamping outdoor space

When it comes to fun renovating projects for your home, never settle for less. Your home is incomplete without the beautiful ambiance of your outdoor space; even if you live in an apartment. Upgrading your outdoor space is never a bad idea and it is always fun to accentuate the décor of the outdoor space. If you have been saving ideas from magazines and social media for great outdoor designs then this is the time to implement them whether it upgrading your old outdoor furniture to building a pergola. All in all, it is going to be exciting. 

The Bottom Line

DIY home improvement projects are not only fun and amusing but also beneficial. The list is endless, and there is so much more your house could benefit from but since it could involve structural changes, it would be best to hire the best handyman in NYC. Nevertheless, use this time to invest in home improvements.