Thursday, March 13, 2014

Building a Wood Truss

A wooden truss basically comprises of wooden triangles connected by metal plates. They can be used to construct various types of building components. The wooden types are mostly used for residential properties and the steel ones for commercial projects. Building trusses for a shed or small structure can be done at home by dong the following. 
1. Follow the rules
Before starting the project ensures that you are aware of the building codes for snow and wind loads. 
2. Make a design
Design a basic truss for your structure keeping all elements in mind. 

 3. Selection of wood
Always select high density timber like southern yellow pine or fir instead of spruce, white pine or pole pine. 

4. Set up a flat work place or saw horses
Use saw horses to start assembly and always keep the bottom board on first. 
5. Always keep the crown up of the bottom chord board
Now place the top chords and mark where the cuts need to be made. The overlapping place should be marked. 
6. Mark the cuts on top
Make a common rafter pitch cut on top chords and mark the center. 
7. Determine the overhang
Cut the top chord after calculating the slope inward. 
8. Mark the diagonal bracing
Locate and mark the position for diagonals. 
9. Make a pattern with top and bottom chords
Keep the crowns up while building and be precise. 
10. Decide on toe nailing
Decide between using nails or gussets or plates for the truss. 
11. Start nailing the trusses together
Assemble by keeping them flat and use clamps while nailing. 
12. Stack the trusses flat
Keep them fully flat to prevent warping. 



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