Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bathroom Sink Installation – Step by Step

Here’s a guide to step by step installation of bathroom sink:
1. Unhooking the sink
Most metallic sinks are mounted with the help of screw clips like the ones shown in the image. The sink can be lifted only after you loosen it.
2. Disconnecting the drain
Sinks with detachable traps are very easy to disconnect from the drain, just remove the trap. Most drains can be pulled out by loosening of the plastic nut at the end of the pipe. Make sure that you connect the nut and the seal to the new drain the same way you take them off.
3. Cleaning the crud
Before installing the new sink ensure you clean the crud properly from the edges.
4. Choose between caulking form a tube or a gun
A new porcelain sink needs no screws to be firm in place. It can be set using caulking from a gun or a tube. Go for a gun if you have multiple projects lined up or it will go waste. Apply generously so that there is no water seepage later. Lower the sink carefully ensuring it is right in the centre.
5. Installing the drain
 The drain will fit into the sink from top to bottom. Ensure that the rubber gasket and the brass washer are in place when you tighten the nut. To be extra sure put a layer of caulking around the gasket to prevent any leakages.
6. Sealing the top of the drain
It is very important to seal the top of the drain with putty or caulking so that when you plug the drain there is no water leakage.
7. Installing the flange
As somebody to help you out by holding the drain from below while you screw the flange on top. Now tighten the nuts and you are good to go.

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