Monday, February 24, 2014

Most Common Wiring Problems and Their Solutions

It’s not just the country’s power grid that is obsolete. There are many houses in the nation that still support an antiquated wiring. These old and worn out wiring systems inside many homes ultimately strain to supply the ever-increasing demand of all our electricity-hungry appliances, electronics and lighting.
The signs of such strains may be very obvious, such as tangling of the extension cords and the many power strips arising from one single outlet and cover plates. These wiring problems are nothing more than inconveniences.
Listing here are some of the most common wiring problems and their solutions:
1. Overlamping
In order to avoid overlamping, try maintaining your usage within wattage limits as listed on the light fixtures that are made since 1985.
However, if you are using older unmarked fixtures, make use of bulbs offering 60-watts or less.
2. Uncovered Junction Box
A damaged and uncovered junction box if left ignored could inadvertently lead to damaged wires or even get a shock. Therefore, in order to avoid such unforeseen circumstances, spend a few extra cents and install a new cover with proper screws.
3. Lights Flicker When It’s Windy
It is because of frayed wiring that is causes shocks as the cables move due to high wind. In such cases immediately call upon an electrician service in NYC that replaces the weather head without any charge.
4. Few Outlets
This leads to heavy reliance on the extension cords, so add more outlets by calling the professional electricians in NYC to do the job for you.
5. No GFCIs
This increases the risk of electrocution, especially in wet areas including kitchens and washrooms. Immediately replace your old receptacles with the GFCIs by calling 24/7 electrician service in NYC.

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