Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Art of Painting Wooden Furniture

Our homes are mostly occupied with furniture items such as chairs, wardrobes and tables. Painting such furniture at home involves a complex process requiring great skills and multiple coats of painting material in correct ratios. 

Having knowledge about clear-cut instructions for painting can save some dollars for NYC residents looking for painting services.

If you want to reward wooden items with better looks, you must check out these simple points for painting furniture yourself.

1. Never try to paint antique furniture collections because it can harm their value. Always remember that you are not a professional painter and therefore, avoid taking any risks.

2. For other pieces of wooden furniture, prepare the area for painting by placing a piece of old cloth on the floor and arrange good hand gloves. Also wear a helmet, face mask and safety goggle when painting.

3. Remove detachable hardware or protect it from paint by putting a cloth cover over it

4. Use vacuum cleaner/brush for removing any residual dust. Don’t use a wet cloth to clean the wooden furniture.

5. Apply wood filler in the damaged part of the furniture. Use a sharp tool such as knife to scrape excess wood filler on surface.

6. Use sandpaper (glass paper) to remove any protective layer on the furniture item, allowing primer coat to adhere strongly.

7. Apply a dark coat of primer over wooden surface with a clean painting brush, capable to cover hard-reach areas and allow it to dry for at least 6 hours or leave it overnight.

8. Apply the first coat of painting material on wooden surface and once the paint gets dry, apply second round of coat on furniture.

That’s all! Congratulate yourself for having completed a painting job successfully.

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