Friday, February 7, 2014

How to Paint Hardwood Floors without Creating a Mess

Painting hardwood floors might seem a fun thing to do on weekend, but can get lot messy than you ever thought. No doubt that the whole thing requires patience and some skilful hands, there are certain ways that can be followed to reduce the painting mess.  
Contain the supplies
Managing the supplies under a designated platform lessens the risk of spilling or leakage. Keep all painting supplies in a cardboard box or a plastic bin.
Clean the floor
Move all furnishings from the floor and clean the surface for a best painting experience. You can clean the hardwood floor with mob and let it dry for some time.
Prepare the floor
Start sanding the wooden floor with appropriate sandpaper recommended is the one with150-grit. Sanding makes the floor rough so that the primer is well absorbed by the wood. 
Vacuum the floor
Sanding will result in dust volumes, which should better be cleared with vacuum than by a broom. This will keep the floor dry and cleaner and will pace up the work rate.
Brush the primer
Coat the wooden surface with primer and let it dry as per the guidelines. Good quality primer can take 24 hours to completely dry.
Remove Sand Imperfections
Once the floor is dry, imperfections and blisters on the coated surface should be sanded again. This time use 220 grit sandpaper and vacuum the floor as you finish.
Paint a Second Coat
Create your design or patterns with floor paints using rollers so that the paint doesn’t result in blisters. Let the polish dry for a day and then coat the surface for a last touch.
Removing Paint Spots
In case of paint spots, damp cloth in hot water for surface cleaning or use saturated sponge with a solution of trisodium phosphate and water.  

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