Thursday, January 23, 2014

Two Toned Transformation of 48 Years Old Cabinets

Renovating the kitchen can certainly be overwhelming and an exhausting task, especially when you have wooden cabinets without proper care for more than forty years. Sounds strange, isn’t it.
Similar were the expressions when Tonja and Jon first thought about renovating their 1966 kitchen cabinets. After debating over the topic for years about the renovation and then consulting different renovators, the couple decided to the job in their hands without much delay.

How They Transformed The Kitchen Cabinet?
When the couple, started with the kitchen renovation, like every inexpert, they had no idea where to start from. However,
They applied eco friendly strippers to the cabinet bases so that the drawers and doors can easy be removed.
Unfamiliar, to the experience, the couple scraped and sanded for hours till the brown wooden gel base that you find with the aging woods made their work sturdier.

Special Touches By Tonja’s Father
Glancing at the poor companions, God sent Tonja’s father as an angel, who made their work easier. He took over the couple for the polyurethane step and gave the wooden cabinets a stunning finish. With Nitrile gloves on his hands, Tonja’s father rubbed the polyurethane solution on the wooden surface with his fingers. After the long lasting fatiguing labor, we were delighted with the results and wished it stayed for another forty six years.   
Once they were done with every bit of the restoration steps, the couple was amazed by the final outcome. For the couple, the restoration became more of a fun thing and two toned cabinet design a beautiful accident.  

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