Thursday, January 2, 2014

Why Stair Railings are so Important?

Stair railings not only grace a staircase with elegance, but are also important for the safety of people using them. Today, we have so many material options for staircases that choosing the right one is not easy. So, here’s telling more about staircase materials and to carefully install them:
Wooden Railings
Wood still remains to be the most popular material used for railings. They look classy, especially if used for indoor stairs. It adds more warmth and coziness to the interiors. Call expert NYC Carpenters with good workmanship.
Metal Railings
The second most popular material for railings is metal. Metal railings have more longevity and are weather resistant, which makes them a good choice for outdoor installation.
Stone Railings
If you can afford it, there is nothing with as much solidarity as stone railings. Polished marble railings look great, and are extremely strong and sturdy. What you need to be careful is whether the floor underneath has the strength to take its weight or not. Stone is heavy and needs to be reinforced for better adjustment.
Aluminum and Vinyl Railings
Aluminum and Vinyl are cheaper than any other materials mentioned above. With this, they also come with the added advantage of virtually maintenance free. The only drawback of these railings is their looks, for they cannot match the elegance of wood, or the shine of metal railings. They are suitable for the outdoors, while not so good for indoor railings

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