Friday, December 13, 2013

Fun Painting Techniques for Contemporary Homes

Gone are the days of using neutral colors to adorn your homes, today, there are several fun techniques that can re-create your spaces with new designs and ideas.
Residential painters in NYC are commonly offering such services - all you need is some research and study.
Here’s telling you about fun painting techniques for contemporary homes – Take a look!
Glazes and Washes
While glazes are oil based paints mixed with linseed oil to give walls a glossy look, washes are simple latex paints that have been thinned down with water to give the walls a more delicate and fresh look.
Washes might leave behind brush marks, but that only adds to the depth and texture of the paint.
Sponge Painting
Sponge painting is a simply painting technique that initiates with the application of solid base color. You may choose to apply a wash or a glaze over the base. Take a dampened sponge and create a mottled look. You may apply several coats of paint with sponge, just stop when you think there’s too much cluttering of paint on the walls.
Rag Painting and Rolling
For producing dramatic effects on the walls such as crushed velvet, watered silk, chamois leather and so on, we use the rag painting and rolling. Begin by applying a solid base, and once it dries, dip a crumpled piece of cloth in paint and blot it on the walls.
For rolling, take a rag and roll into a sausage with varying tightness at different places.  Damp it, roll through a glaze paint and coat the walls.
Call painting service NYC  to learn more about such techniques and the effects they can produce on your walls.

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