Monday, November 25, 2013

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Since home refurbishment is already a complicated process, any special condition does nothing but create pressure. To go green while remodeling your home, for instance, is not something very easy to get going with, especially when you have to remodel your kitchen. However, there is nothing that much to worry about as a thorough planning can help in that case.
If you look to successfully do Eco-friendly remodeling of your kitchen, there are certain things you need to do sufficient research on. Eco-friendly home is an intelligent concept wherein we prefer sustainable material to non-degradable items. Besides, you need to make sure that your plan of renovating your kitchen is good enough to design it in such a way that it helps in protecting the environment.
Prioritize Energy Conservation
Your kitchen remodeling campaign is actually Eco-friendly only when you can promote energy conservation. The best means for saving energy in your kitchen is energy-efficient windows. Choose to install enlarged windows. They not only make your kitchen look spacious, fresh and bright, but help you save a lot on utility bills. 
Normally, such windows should be extended from counter-top to ceiling. The biggest grace of these big windows is that they generate enough breathing space in your kitchen with help of the natural daylight. While remodeling your kitchen, nothing can be as good and wise as getting enlarged windows installed to utilize daylight and save electricity.
Generate More and More Space
Obviously, the more spacious the kitchen, the more Eco-friendly it proves to be. There are so many ways to create more space in your kitchen with building a walk-in-pantry being the best of them. This is always better than that usual rear entry in kitchens. This enhances your functional area in the kitchen and enables convenient and easier goods supply.
Green Granite Counter
This is a really good idea to use granite islands in your kitchen. They are preferable to those small and uncomfortable counters. What attracts homeowners toward green granite counters is their longer, sleeker look. More importantly, they have a cook top, a prep sink and a butcher-block corner already perfectly placed. Green granite has such flexible complexion that it complements the walls of your kitchen, be them of any color.
Eco-friendly Accessories
While this is a going-green kitchen remodeling campaign, choosing energy-saving accessories/appliances is another wise step. This means that you prefer energy saving kitchen accessories that use lesser energy than conventional ones. For example, nothing substitutes appliances made of stainless steel in the kitchen. They not only add fresh and bright look in your kitchen but also increase energy efficiency. Like custom cabinets with beaded insets add to the elegance of the new look.
Go Green with Cork Flooring
Choosing solid cork flooring for kitchen is in fashion and you get back the worth of your money and efforts at the end of the day. Solid cork flooring is a naturally Eco-friendly material. This stuff is easy on the feet and offers never-before ecological advantage. Plus, it is highly durable and costs as much as common hardwood only. Also, there is nature there to authenticate the use of solid cork for flooring in the kitchen. Generally, a cork tree regenerates every nine years, whereas, other trees need to take way longer for the same. Thus, this no doubt is a really green idea to use such an Eco-friendly material in your kitchen!

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