Monday, October 14, 2013

Installing Exterior Light Fixtures on Siding – Tips

All interior and exterior lights come pre-equipped and installing one is not very complicated even if you are not a DIY star. Moisture can be a damaging factor and therefore, you need to be careful while you install a light fixture

Unlike interior lights, exterior light fixtures are highly prone to moisture and need fine protection. Almost all light fixtures come with insulation equipment including a rubber gasket that fastens the light steadily to the flat wall surface, but it’s not easy to install one.

Tips to install an exterior light fixture on siding:

  • Once you’ve chosen the right place for the fixture, run the power to the spot from the inside.
  • Turn the breaker off before connecting the power to the circuit, and make sure to use a tester (in‘off’ mode) until you’re done with the installation.
  • Cut the outlined back portion of the electrical box and pull the wire through the hole. Next, tighten the screws.
  • Now, cut a block of measured size to attach the fixture on clapboard siding; drill a tiny-hole right in the center.
  • Outline and cut the block on siding using a utility knife.
  • Nail a portion of the metal drip with at least 1 inch nails and adjust the block in the cut space.
  • Screw it, and gently adjust the gasket surrounding the base of the light fixture.
  • Connect the wires of the light unit to the power cable and screw the former on the mounting block.

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