Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Home Decorating Ideas 2013

Halloween approaching means it’s already the time of year when you really need to decorate your homes with things that best complement the event – spooky and scary! Kids wait for the occasion more than anybody else, and they deserve to have as much fun as elders in the family!
Listed below are some tried and tested home decorating ideas for Halloween this year:  
 Bloody Handprints!
This time, nothing will be as scary (and interesting at the same time) for your kids as bloody handprints everywhere on the mirrors and windows inside your home. The process is quite simple – use a few sketches of a distorted human hand and paint using red food coloring and Elmer’s glue! Next, paste them on mirrors on windows and in the bathroom.

Shadowy Lamps
Take one of your table lamps, and add some shadowy figures to make it give a Halloween style scary look. This is probably the easiest and cheapest idea for home decoration! Since you almost certainly have plain paper and scissors at home, draw some spooky creatures, cut the drawn shapes and fix them on the lamp. Try figures like bats or owls that symbolize eeriness.
Dancing Ghosts in Lawn
Take some Styrofoam balls, attach them to the lengths of wood and cover with cheesecloth. Use a light fabric so that it easily floats in the wind, giving the ghosts a ‘dancing’ look. Create about six dancing ghosts and tie them together. Place them around a pole in the lawn. They look amazing on Halloween! 

Hanging Bats
Use black craft foam to make hanging bats. They can be hanged on the tree in front of your home. Again, sketch the figures and cut them out cleanly. You can even ask your kids to join in to help you with easy projects like this one!

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