Thursday, September 19, 2013

Surprising Bedroom Colors for Modern Homes

In the past, it was acceptable for palatial bedrooms to have unexpected colors such as purple, and blues, and orange and yellow, but as we moved toward sophistication, everything around turned neutral and white. Time is once again taking a sweep back and color is once again influencing our choices, here’s how

Purple bedroom
A gaudy haunting color, some say it takes away sleep, while others say it makes it hard for you wake up in a purple bedroom.

Caramel Bedroom
Dark, but not too dark, they say a caramel bedroom is the best for a good night sleep. It produces greater calm and a sense of security.

Green bedroom
A green bedroom is also known for its soothing vibes. In fact not any green, what suits modern homes the best is color schemes that revolve around apple green.

Shades of yellow
Certain shades of yellow are highly suitable for bedrooms. Go for the deeper shades of yellow and they are absolutely great for creating a warm and cozy ambiance, suited for both summers and winters.

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