Tuesday, February 27, 2018


A home was not built in a day and a house turns into home after fulfilling all the wishes from the bucket list of home projects.

You might have a folder saved in your mobile with all the pictures from Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram suggesting the modifications in house. Your dream to turn your house into home in NYC do not need a huge amount of investment, a little cash and a good handyman in NYC can go a long way in home improvements.

All these home improvement ideas cost $100 or less to complete but your home will look like one in million. So, get ready for small budgets, big impact changes, turning your dream into reality.

1)    New colors allow your home to breathe freshly

A fresh coat of paint can bring huge changes in your home. Painting the interior of the home cost little but results in positive topsy-turvy changes. A neutral shade in kitchen and a bold one in your living room can brighten up your home.

If you are planning to sale out your home, a little make-over will make your home ready to grab nearby appeal, thereby increasing the resale value of the home. Colors hold a pivotal position when it comes to selling a home.

A analysis done by Zillow found that homes painted in ‘greige’ color (grey + beige) are sold for $3,496 more than similar homes painted in a medium brown or with tan stucco.

Hire NYC Handyman services this weekend to dress up your home with a new stylish coat of paint in your budget.

2)    Make-over your hardware for a fresh look of home
The cabinets and doors of your home deserves a fresh look too and it’s a high time to replace the old-fashioned cabinet knobs to some stylish designs that will reflect your personality, thereby giving your home a modern look.

Just with your little efforts to change the bathroom drawer pulls, front door handle or cabinet knobs, it will pave way for fresh look of a home. According to you, replacing hardware may cost a lot to your pocket but fortunately it is an inexpensive home improvement that needs just an investment of few dollars.

If you are looking for bigger replacements like upgrading from deadbolts to some Smart Key system, you may take help of handyman in NYC.

3)    Upgrade the lighting fixtures to lighten your home
Basic old light fixtures are too old fashioned for your home and are needing to be upgraded especially if it can be done at reasonable price under your budget. It is a simple process of replacing them which can make a big difference. A low cost and modern style is a perfect combination you are looking for.

Freshen up your room by inviting new options for overhead and accent lighting, replacing your switch plates and outlet covers and swapping your lamp shades on floor or table lighting. Add dimmers to your wall and it can provide better lighting as per your mood, thereby saving lots of energy.

Cabinet lights under the cabinet in kitchen can be replaced with LED which is an inexpensive way to fully illuminate your counter space, making cooking day or night much comfortable.
Hiring services of handyman in NY can make the process more easy and comfortable.

4)    Transforming bathroom of your home is as important as modifying exterior of home
Give your bathroom few hours and you will witness improvements that will make you proud of yourself. A lot of quick additions in a standard bathroom will be entirely beneficial. A change in color of paint, adding extra shelves and piece of art will modify your bathroom in a positive manner.

Moreover if you paint your bathroom with light shades of powder blue and periwinkle color, you will hold a chance to add $5440 in your home value. So, a pinch of investment and huge profit is a deal not to be missed.

If you are being lazy to fix up the toilet leaks or thinking that fixing it will cost you a lot, there is good news that you can install a whole new toilet kit to fix this problem for about $25.

Your time and money is most precious commodity and to save the both, you can trust HAYS NYC to fix little things in the house or apartment. HAYS NYC deals in fixing little things like electric sockets of your bedroom to large projects like renovation of your kitchen. So, if you are looking for handyman in NYC, you can trust on HAYS NYC as they have experience in providing 24*7 quality handyman services in NYC.

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