Tuesday, September 15, 2015

3 Ways to Get the Best Bathroom Lighting

The most ignored part of our homes for design and lighting is the bathroom. We spend lavishly on kitchen designs, flooring, living room and bedroom but when it comes to bathroom, we even don’t bother to put up enough lightning there.

The following blog is about the lighting needs of a bathroom that can make it alive and refreshing.

For a relaxing shower, your bathroom must have ample light near the mirror, good overhead lighting and some accent lighting as well.

Lighten Up the Vanity Area

It’s very important to have a separate light for this area even if there is an overhead light here. Since all the things that demand a little closer attention such as shaving and makeup need a good amount of light, therefore don’t be careless to put up good lightening at this portion.

Either you can use the light fixtures near the mirror as the only light source or use a secondary source for grooming. But the important part is you need to put up bright lights in the right position for proper grooming. 

Overhead Lighting Can Add Glamour

If the overhead lighting is being used as an all purpose light from grooming to setting mood for the shower to the main lightening source of your bathroom area then it has to be bright and big which can be dimmed if required.

You can use the bulb as an overhead light that's warm and can be used from low to high wattage to make it possible to do all things for you. You can check the lighting stores both online or at home for chandeliers that can brighten up the bathroom and serve all other purposes as well.

Lighting at Bath Area Can Set Your Mood

After a long day at work a few minutes of soaking in the bath tub with a soft dim light can be rejuvenating.  A bright lighting at bath area can even set the mood for the day ahead. Recessed lights are a good choice as they can keep the ambiance despite the mist and steam from the water. If you don’t want to put on recessed lights then you can even add a lighting bar which comes in a protective casing and has been rated for wet or damp locations.

Safety Tip! It’s advisable to take help of an electrician for installing new electrical fixtures to avoid any harm from the wiring or electrical fixtures. 

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