Monday, May 18, 2015

3 Home Improvement Apps to Help Your Inner Handyman

Check out these apps and let your inner handyman come out to deal with the day-today maintenance of your sweet home.The ‘app world’ is not limited to gaming or personalization, but it has a lot more than that. For instance, keeping the maintenance of your home is an essential part and the app world understands this need very well.
SO, have a look at these helpful mobile apps in your tool-belt and you’ll be able to tackle any project without having to hire a contractor. 

1. Colorsnap

If you want to get your house painted, but are confused about the color mix, Colorsnap is for you. The free Colorsnap app, both for i OS, and Android can help by analyzing the perfect color for your house, and converting it into a matching, custom hue mix code for the company's paint brand. Just install the app, take a picture of the color you like, select the shade of your choice and the app will give you the best result.

2. The Handyman Calculator
This android app consists of calculator that can assist you with the more complex mathematical calculations. With this app, you can figure out the square footage, stud spacing, unit conversion, asphalt volume, paint, and linoleum coverage. The Handyman calculator takes care of all of the heavy mental lifting. Just provide the correct measurements. 

3. House Maintenance Schedule 
Every house requires regular maintenance and upkeep. The House Maintenance Schedule app helps you to keep on top of the countless little duties that keep minor problems to turn into major, expensive issues. It is a paid android calendar app. It helps you to set the reminder of upcoming maintenance projects like inspecting fire extinguishers, changing HVAC filters, flushing the water heater, and cleaning downspouts.

So, make use of the technology and keep your house well maintained!

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