Friday, August 16, 2013

Home Décor: 6 Celebrities to Draw Inspiration From

Celebrities with a superior taste for home décor may be a difficult breed to find, but it isn’t rare. There are many celebrities that have a great taste for home décor, celebrities from whom we can be inspired to decorate our homes to look just like the homes of the celebrities. 

Celebrities have millions of dollars they spend at beautifying their homes, so if you want the taste of their home décor, you must be willing to shell a great deal. Money can help you buy a beautiful house, a great interior designer and all the furniture and accessories that you will need to give your home that celebrity style décor.
When we talk of celebrities that spend money smartly at decorating their homes, there are a few names that we can detail. But for your knowledge and inspiration, we have listed below 6 celebrities who love to spend their money wisely when it comes to their homes. 

·         Cindy Crawford
In addition to drawing inspiration for looks from this Hollywood bombshell, you can also draw inspiration from her house. Cindy’s house perched nicely on the cliffs of Malibu was designed by Michael S Smith. The house comprises of a workout house and a guest house, and has been fitted with amazing blend of modern and antique furniture. The color palette and different shades of wood used is youthful and update, so the house despite the antique tinge, looks pretty current.  

·         Ben Stiller
Ben Stiller has a really masculine looking house, if you are looking to upgrade yours on the same lines, then Ben is surely a good inspiration for you. Ben’s house has really inviting architecture and interiors. The beams on the ceiling are stained, which looks perfect with the dark furniture in the house. The rooms have gorgeous arched doorways that symbolize how masculine the space is. Ben has used bold blue color that again blends well with the dark furniture. 

·         Adam Levine
Not just everyone can give a nod to a purple sofa and a red carpet but if that is similar to your taste then Levine’s house can be a great inspiration for you. At first the combination may seem questionable, but when we saw it from Levine’s prospective, we realized that the combo was basically something that was ought to work for him because it is as rebellious and funky as him. 

·         Christina Aguilera
House parties can never be civilized, if you want your house to be ready for a house party all the time, then Christina Aguilera’s shades for home are sure inspiration for you. It isn’t my type of house, just because it’s so untamed and unpredictable. However, it its colorful, crazy and gaudy and luxuriousness has no limit here. 

·         Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore has been known for designing her home by herself, which makes it all the more special and inspiring. It’s only fitting to see the America’s sweetheart live in an adorable, quirky and assorted house that is filled with shades of vintage, femininity and antiques. 

·         Julianne Moore
Julianne Moore has a great blend of vintage and antique pieces loaded in her casual and colorful house which is elegance personified. The shades of elegance make her house really unpretentious, which doesn’t make it appear fancy – rather makes it look subtle and appealing like the actress herself. Given the kind creativity she has shown in designing her house, we can say she does have an alternate career, but it isn’t as rewarding so we won’t recommend it to her just yet.

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